Kapitza resistance graphene sheet

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Kapitza resistance graphene sheet

Mes- hall] kapitza ) Home / Publications / Kapitza thermal resistance across individual grain boundaries in graphene. To reach those objectives one graduate student Deepthi Konatham has been supported by the ACS PRF. We will assess the effective interactions between graphene sheets in oils the structure of the fluid surrounding the graphene sheets, the resistance to heat transfer from a graphene sheet kapitza to the surrounding matrix ( Kapitza resistance) ’. Kapitza thermal resistance across individual grain boundaries in graphene:. We find that the Kapitza resistance depends strongly on the tilt angle and shows a. However the thermal boundary resistance ( Kapitza resistance) at the graphene nanoribbon- CNT interface kapitza is a phonon barricade a bottleneck for efficacious heat extraction. Parallel to strain studies on thermal conductance, this work is a first report on the effects of mechanical strain on the interfacial phonon dynamics in the pillared. Especially promising is its kapitza capability to dissipate thermal energy in thermal management applications. 09529v1 [ cond- mat. Kapitza resistance graphene sheet. They found that the Kapitza resistance at the graphene sheet– liquid oc- tane interface was reduced by appropriately functionalizing the. mal boundary resistance at the graphene– oil interface [ 14].

Kapitza sheet

We demonstrate through molecular dynamics simulations that the Kapitza resistance in few- layer graphene ( FLG) can be controlled by applying mechanical strain. For unstrained FLG, the Kapitza resistance decreases with the increase of thickness and reaches an asymptotic value of 6 × m( 2) K/ W at a thickness about 16 nm. Title: Thickness- dependent Kapitza resistance in multilayered graphene. The Kapitza or thermal boundary resistance ( TBR), which limits heat dissipation from a thin.

kapitza resistance graphene sheet

In the near future we will conclude our preliminary simulations to quantify the graphene sheet – oil Kapitza resistance as a function of the size of the graphene sheet, of the degree of functionalization, and also as a function of the oil molecular weight. The Kapitza resistance ( RK) between few- layer graphene ( FLG) and water was studied using molecular dynamics simulations.